Comprehensive Wedding Photographer Checklist with Role Annotations

Below is a detailed checklist of potential shots for your wedding day, annotated to specify which can be captured by the primary photographer and which might be best for the second shooter. This helps ensure comprehensive coverage by utilizing the strengths of both photographers. Feel free to review, add, or remove items based on your preferences prior to our consultation meeting.

Pre-Wedding Preparations

  • Bride’s Preparations (Primary Photographer)
  • Bride’s gown (hanging, draped, etc.)
  • Detailed shots of the bride’s shoes, jewelry, veil, and bouquet
  • Bride applying makeup and getting hair done
  • Bride putting on dress and shoes
  • Candid moments with bridesmaids and family
  • Bride looking in a mirror
  • Bride with bridesmaids
  • Mother helping the bride with one last detail, such as the veil
  • Full-length portrait of the bride ready to go
  • Groom’s Preparations (Second Shooter)
  • Groom’s attire (hanging, on a chair, etc.)
  • Detailed shots of groom’s shoes, cufflinks, tie/bow tie, watch
  • Groom with groomsmen getting ready
  • Groom interacting with father and best man
  • Groomsmen putting on boutonnieres
  • Groom looking into a mirror
  • Full-length portrait of groom ready to go

Ceremony Details and Moments

  • Venue shots, both inside and outside (Second Shooter)
  • Floral and décor details (Second Shooter)
  • Guests arriving and being seated (Second Shooter)
  • Groom waiting at the altar (Primary Photographer)
  • Bridal party walking down the aisle (Primary Photographer)
  • Bride and her father walking down the aisle (Primary Photographer)
  • Groom’s reaction to seeing the bride (Second Shooter)
  • Father giving the bride away (Primary Photographer)
  • Wide shot of the altar, from a guest’s perspective (Second Shooter)
  • Exchanging of vows (Primary Photographer)
  • Exchanging of the rings (Primary Photographer)
  • The first kiss as a married couple (Primary Photographer)
  • Bride and groom walking up the aisle as newlyweds (Primary Photographer)
  • Reactions of the guests (Second Shooter)
  • Bride and groom outside the ceremony site (Primary Photographer)

Post-Ceremony Portraits

  • Bride and groom together (Primary Photographer)
  • Bride with each bridesmaid (Second Shooter)
  • Groom with each groomsman (Second Shooter)
  • Bride with parents and siblings (Primary Photographer)
  • Groom with parents and siblings (Primary Photographer)
  • Bride with groom’s family (Primary Photographer)
  • Groom with bride’s family (Primary Photographer)
  • Full wedding party with bride and groom (Primary Photographer)
  • Any special groupings (college friends, childhood friends, work colleagues) (Second Shooter)

Reception Details and Moments

  • Reception venue before the arrival of the guests (Second Shooter)
  • Detailed shots of the tables, place settings, and centerpieces (Second Shooter)
  • Wedding cake (Second Shooter)
  • Bride and groom entering the reception (Primary Photographer)
  • The first dance (Primary Photographer)
  • Father-daughter dance (Second Shooter)
  • Mother-son dance (Second Shooter)
  • Guests dancing (Second Shooter)
  • Bride and groom at each table (Primary Photographer)
  • Speeches and toasts (Primary Photographer)
  • Bride and groom cutting the cake (Primary Photographer)
  • Bouquet and garter toss (Second Shooter)
  • Guests’ reaction and interactions (Second Shooter)
  • Bride and groom’s departure (Primary Photographer)

Special Requests

  • Any specific traditions or cultural elements that need special attention (Primary Photographer)
  • Specific shots requested by the bride and groom (Primary Photographer)

This annotated checklist is designed to give us a guide to ensure nothing is missed and every detail is captured beautifully on your wedding day. We have annotated which photographer will take each photo to show what will be missed if only one shooter is utilized. We look forward to discussing this list with you and customizing it to fully capture the essence of your celebration.