Welcome to Ciccarelli's Photography

I'm Victor Ciccarelli, the owner and lead photographer at Ciccarelli's Photography. I believe that every photograph is a piece of art and every moment presents an opportunity to create something spectacular. Specializing in Creative Weddings, Vibrant Events, and Glamour Photography, I am dedicated to capturing not just images, but emotions, atmosphere, and the sheer beauty of your special occasions. My approach blends innovation with sophistication to bring your unique visions to life, ensuring that each photo tells a story worth remembering. Whether it's the intimate moments of your wedding day, the grandeur of large-scale events, or the personal charm of a glamour shoot, my expertise lies in highlighting the magic in every scenario. My camera is my paintbrush, and the world is my canvas. Ready to Turn Your Moments into Masterpieces?

I had an amazing experience with Victor. He was so professional and very inviting, making me feel super comfortable. Victor has a way of putting someone at ease, which in turn gets an amazing shot out of becoming comfortable . He has years of knowledge and expertise in photography, amazing insight on wardrobe and design and is super creative and fun to work with. My husband had joined me during the shoot and victor was very welcoming , and accommodating in sharing his knowledge and experience with him . I look forward to next time we work together again!

– Kara

What do my past clients and models say about me?

From inception to completion, Victor’s commitment to excellence shines through. His remarkable suggestions elevate every project, ensuring each moment is immortalized with finesse and flair. Furthermore, his unwavering dedication to effective communication fosters a seamless collaboration experience.

– Bellonda, Style and Color Analyst

I began working with Victor about 4 years ago and had never done any actual modeling before. He immediately made me feel comfortable and confident in both him and myself. I continue to use the things he taught me even in general photography and posing.

– Kaleda

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