Welcome to Ciccarelli’s Photography, where passion meets professionalism in the art of capturing moments. We offer a variety of photography services tailored to meet your needs, whether you are looking to preserve memories of your special day, capture the essence of your personal style, or bring a creative vision to life. Below you’ll find a detailed list of our rates and services designed to cater to diverse photography needs. Please note while I do give a basic rate the very nature of the types of engagements, locations, specialized equipment and need for additional staff can alter prices drastically. For a exact quote for your needs please contact me directly.

Ciccarelli’s Photography is located in Southern California Servicing LA, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties. Engagements outside of that area are taken on a case-by-case basis

At Ciccarelli’s Photography, we believe that your moments should be wholly yours. With every engagement, clients are granted full access and ownership of all images captured during the shoot, provided with minimal editing and enhancements to maintain the natural beauty of each shot. Each package includes a selected number of fully edited and retouched images, details of which are listed below. Should you require additional edits or have specific requests beyond the included services, we offer further enhancements at a competitive editing billing rate. This flexible approach ensures that all your photographic needs are met, exactly how you envision.

Wedding Photography Packages

Currently, Ciccarelli’s Photography is exclusively offering wedding services at the beautiful Cedar Rose Grove in Little Rock, California. This enchanting location provides a stunning backdrop for your special day, ensuring every moment captured is as picturesque as it is memorable. By focusing our services at this single location, we can dedicate our full attention to creating the most magical and cohesive wedding photography experience possible for each couple who chooses us for their big day.

Silver Package

4 Hours of coverage
Primary Shot list (No second)
All images shot
5 fully editioned photos

Starting at: $950

Gold Package

6 Hours of coverage
Primary + 2nd Photographer
Coordination assistant
Complete Shot list
All images shot
5 fully editioned photos

Starting at: $1,950

Platinum Package

8+ Hours of coverage
Primary + 2nd Photographer
Videographer (Editing not included)
Coordination assistant
Complete Shot list
All images shot
10 fully editioned photos
Complimentary engagement shoot

Starting at: $3,800

Portrait Photography

A portrait is an image that focuses on capturing the personality, mood, and expression of an individual or group. Typically, portraits are composed to highlight the face, eyes, or expression of the subject, although they can also include other parts of the body to convey a particular theme or story. The primary aim is to depict the essence of the person, capturing a moment of their life in a way that reflects their identity or character. Whether through the use of lighting, background, pose, or facial expression, a portrait is crafted to offer a deep, insightful look into the subject’s persona, making it more than just a photograph—it’s a representation of a person’s presence and essence.

Standard Session

1 Hour Studio or location
2 outfit changes
All images shot
5 fully edited photographs

Starting at: $250

Extended Session

2 Hours Studio or Location
unlimited changes
Professional/Theater headshots
more then one subject in photo
All images shot
10 fully edified photos

Starting at: $400

Glamour, Boudoir, Engagement, and Creative Fantasy Photography

Boudoir, glamour, and fantasy photography are all about crafting an illusion of perfection within a meticulously designed themed environment. At Ciccarelli’s Photography, we collaborate closely with each client to create the ideal setting for their vision. Whether it’s the sultry elegance of a boudoir shoot, the bold allure of a glamour session, or the whimsical charm of a fantasy landscape, we ensure every detail is perfected. If necessary, we custom-make all costumes, props, and sets to bring each client’s unique creative vision to life. This tailored approach guarantees that every shoot not only meets but exceeds the imaginative expectations of our clients, resulting in stunningly beautiful and highly personalized photographic art.

Custom Creative Session

  • 3-hour session in studio or on location
  • Costume and prop rental/creation available for additional fee
  • Complete creative control and collaboration
  • Make-up, and SFX Makeup available for additional fee
  • Only fully edited photos delivered. 10 edited photos

Starting at $400 (final price based on complexity of shoot)

Event Photography

Event photography involves capturing photographs of occasions and activities at personal or corporate events such as family/corporate gatherings, concerts, award ceremonies, birthday parties, and other celebrations. The primary goal is to document the atmosphere, key moments, participants, and behind-the-scenes action that collectively tell the story of the event. This style of photography requires a keen eye for detail and the ability to capture spontaneous interactions and significant moments as they unfold, all while blending into the background to minimize disruption. The resulting images serve as a visual record of the event, preserving memories and capturing the essence of the experience for hosts and attendees alike. This differs from wedding photograph in that no “shot list” is created or followed the photographer roams the event capturing random type images of the event.

Event Coverage

  • Photography coverage for corporate events, parties, and other functions
  • Minimum 3 hours
  • Full digital images

Price: $150 per hour (+travel and periderm)

Additional Services

Ciccarelli’s Photography stands as a full-service provider with decades of experience in the production and creation of stunning imagery. Whether you are looking for event photography, personal portraits, or creative themed shoots, our seasoned team is equipped to handle all aspects of production, from initial concept development to the final edits. With a deep commitment to quality and a keen eye for detail, we work closely with our clients to ensure that every project not only meets but surpasses their expectations. Trust Ciccarelli’s Photography to bring your visions to life with professionalism and artistic flair, making every shot a masterpiece.

  • Additional Hour of Photography: $200/hour
  • Professional Makeup and Hair Styling: From $150 (varies based on requirements)
  • Photographic and Video Editing: $75/hour
  • Professional Project consulting: $200/hour
  • Costume, Prop, and Set construction (please contact for quote)

Booking and Cancellation Policy

A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking, with the balance due on the day of the shoot. Cancellations must be made at least 30 days in advance for a full refund of the deposit. For cancellations less than 30 days prior to the event, the deposit is non-refundable.

All rates listed above are guides and should not be assumed to be the exact price for your engagement. prices vary based on may factors. An exact fee can only be given after an in-depth conversation with our team.

To book a session or inquire about custom packages, please contact us. We look forward to capturing your moments with creativity and elegance!